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Subject: Which Renovations Will Increase The Value Of A Home The Most When The Owners Are Planning To Sell?

Q. Which renovations will increase the value of a home the most when the owners are planning to sell?

A. Assuming the house has no major problems, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom will

add the most value.

Making improvements to a home can boost the selling price of the property substantially beyond the cost of the renovation, and even mean the difference of whether or not the house sells at all. When contemplating an upgrade, a homeowner is wise to consider which renovations are not only needed, but will enhance the value and appearance of the home the very most.

To start, evaluate the home from the buyer's point-of-view. An experienced real estate professional will be able to offer good advice and will also know what buyers in the marketplace are looking for. Renovations usually accomplish two objectives: they improve or update the physical condition of the home and add features, whether it be a skylight, a French door or new appliances and fixtures.

Before embarking on any ambitious project, sellers should first confirm that their money wouldn't be better spent on more basic work, such as replacing drafty old windows, adding insulation or installing an attic fan.

Assuming the house is otherwise appealing, "modernizing" the kitchen is usually a worthwhile investment. Not only is it the "heart" of the home, the kitchen is also the main workplace where modern convenience is expected. Buyers are attracted to bright, cheerful, user-friendly kitchens. They expect floors and counters to be in good condition as well as appliances to be in working order. It is also advantageous to sellers that their kitchens have a lot of lighting, whether it be natural or artificial.

Cabinet space is also an important feature in a kitchen and can be maximized by adding inexpensive organizing and space-saving devises available at home improvement stores. For older kitchens, replacement of countertops, floors, cabinet doors or appliances can freshen the look and improve the utility of a kitchen, without disturbing the character of the room. It's also less expensive than doing a complete rebuild.

Other good candidates for refurbishment are bathrooms. Buyers are particular about cleanliness, and sparking clean, new-looking bathrooms are an excellent sales feature. Best of all, bathroom renovations are not as costly as one may think, even for a complete remodel.

Depending on the extent, many improvements can be made over a weekend and sellers can even do them on their own without hiring a contractor. But if a contractor or other service company is needed, homeowners should be sure to ask their friends or a local REALTOR for the name of a reputable company.

"Real Service in Real Estate." For a personal consultation on buying or selling real estate, Janis Peterson, GRI, ABR, CSP Realtor® can be reached at (610) 642-3744, e-mail: jp4re@pahomes.com. Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors® is an independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

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